Me whilst juggling

Standard props (Balls, Rings, Clubs)

  • Libraryofjuggling - Lots of tricks explained with nice Jugglinglab gifs.
  • List of siteswaps - The english Wikipedia has a list of siteswap tricks.
  • Twjc - Some easy tricks with explanatory texts.
  • Juggle Wiki - A wikipedia for juggling (on
  • Club Juggling - Dedicated to club juggling with nice drawings!
  • - Here you only find videos about juggling.
  • - My first learning website. Now, only with the wayback machine reachable (similiar to



  • Home of Poi - Many lessons with videos for poi learning.
  • Wikipedia: Poi tricks - For the jargon and terminology of poi spinning.
  • Spin more poi - A website for more Poi spinning and learning.
  • - Beginner lessons for poi.

Fire juggling

Light Juggling

My personal props


Siteswap notation


Gunswap Juggling Simulator

  • Gunswap - A web based, open source, juggling animator and pattern library. Programmed in Javascript by Eric Gunther and hosted on Github.
  • VisualSpinner3D - A prop-spinning simulator. Programmed in Javascript by Glenn Wright and hosted on Github. Homepage here.


  • List of juggling shops
  • diabolo-freizeitsport - At the moment, my personal favorite shop. Has much more than diabolos. Good product descriptions, Similiar inexpensive as Akrobat.
  • Akrobat - Quite inexpensive shop. Unfortunately has confused my orders three times in a row and product images are not correct. So I cannot recommend this shop anymore.
  • Ballaballa - Quite Large shop.
  • Kaskaderos - Clearly arranged menu with sub-menus. Wide range on products as well.
  • Just Juggling - Well-known shop from Berlin.
  • Pappnase - Another big shop.
  • Henrys - Buy directly at Henrys. Club configurator. Only Henrys stuff.
  • Mister Babache - Buy directly at Mister Babache. Only Mister Babache stuff.
  • Tillshop - Small shop.
  • Circuskiste - Small shop.
  • - Prices only on request.
  • Pichlerrad - Unicycle shop.