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  • FIG - Official Website of the International Gymnastics Federation
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Video Tutorials


Competition levels

The competition levels and regulations are treated differtly between countries. However, most countries follows the rules of the Code of Points from the International Gymnastics Federation, which governs the sport internationally.

These are the different systems in other countries:

  • In America: competition level ranges from 1 to 10.
  • In UK: Elite and Club level, each ranging from 5 to 2.
  • In Canada: Recreational, Developmental, Pre-Competitive, Provincial, National and High Performance.
  • In Germany: Starting from P-levels (1-9), then the LK-levels (1 to 4), upto the the Code of Points. Age classified levels exist also (AK-levels).

The following table refers to the situation in germany. Most information about this system can be found on

For the P-levels and the LK-levels the exercise books by DTB apply. Videos of the P-level excercises can be found at by the university of Freiburg. More information for LK-levels and AK-levels can be found at the DTB Download page. The Code of Points can be found on the FIG rules section.

Male Female
Exercise book Exercise book
P videos P videos
DTB Download page DTB Download page
AK program (20.12.2016) AK program (01.05.2018)
AK videos (technical rules) AK videos (technical rules)
LK program (04.09.2017) LK program (01.07.2018)
CoP (01.2018) CoP (18.12.2016)

Gymnastics equipment


Against callusus and tear-off

  • Against calluses - If callus on the hands are getting too big, they rip apart or tear-off. To remedy this you must reduce the callus, either with a callus shaver or with a (shaving) razor (hardcore version). Always put on some deer tallow (Hirschtalg) on your hands. Or try this other tallow product, which is cheaper.
  • Upper arm protection - Instep pads can be used as upper arm protection pads for training on Parallel Bars.


Newly invented


How much does professional equipment for gymnastics cost? Sometimes vendors and retailers hide prices on their websites. You have to request the prices directly either on phone or mail.

These vendors do show prices: